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#1 Rated POS with Contactless Ordering.

Contactless Ordering
Table Management
Payment Processing
Contact Tracing
Kitchen Management
Printing Integration
Reservation System
Order For Pickup

1. Scan

2. Order

3. Pay

Customers can sit down at a table, scan the QR code or enter a short url, and start browsing your menu. No app download needed.

Customers can browse your menu, customize and provide instructions for their orders, and send it right from their phone.

They can easily pay and tip with right through their phone or insert their credit card with a pay terminal when they're ready.

A Seamless Experience Staff Will Love

Spectacular Service

No mistakes, faster table turnover, a well-crafted experience, and it's free.

Easy to Use

Your customers can order directly through their internet browser, no installation needed.

24/7 Support

We're always within reach when you need support, and it's free.

Always Fast, Never Forgetful

Customers order from their own phone (no app installation required), waiters 2x-3x table coverage, increases table turnover, remembers past orders, and highlights featured items

Easy Regulatory Compliance

Built in contact tracing provides a simple solution to remain compliant with latest local regulations

Accepts 100+ Currencies

Customers can pay directly on their phone with any debit and credit card.


Table Turnover

↓ 40%+

Waitstaff Costs

↑ 20%+

Check Size


Zero Cost POS

When you are trying to move mountains, you want-and-need people on your side who want to move them with you

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